About Us



With it’s conception in 2008, the SomNoir Company began with one goal:  To design and manufacture the finest and most fashionable eye wear available.  We searched the globe to find unique and beautiful materials for the SomNoir Eyewear line.  This search led us to India– and our favorite material for sunglasses and optical frames– genuine bull horn.  We source our horn (often called buffalo horn) from suppliers that remove the horn humanely, often to protect the herd from one another. We take pride in using materials from a conscious source, and we constantly pursue new opportunities to create the most unique sunglasses and optical frames in the industry.   The SomNoir Eyewear line is designed by Samuel Charles Hilliard.


Hypo-allergenic | Natural Material | Light Weight | Unique color variation

Genuine horn contains properties that make it ideal for optical frames.  Being a natural material, horn is safe for allergy sufferers. The horns structure provides for a light weight frame with an excellent feel. Each horn contains colors only nature can provide, making every pair a one of a kind.


SomNoir Eyewear is handcrafted in San Francisco, California in very limited numbers.


SomNoir frames are designed to hold prescription lenses. We work with the finest optical lab in the bay area to fulfill all types of prescription and non prescription lenses. 

SomNoir provides 100% UV protection for all sun lenses and offers polarized lenses with anti-reflective coating.