Can I use insurance?

We currently direct our insurance customers to offices in our area.  We are happy to contact your optometry office for you to see what your insurance can offer.


Can all frames use prescriptions?

A: Yes. Most any optical shop will have no problem installing your prescription into a pair of SomNoir Frames.


Can SomNoir install my prescription?

A: In most cases we can install your prescription, please inquire at the time of purchase and we will be happy to get you a quote.


Can they Be adjusted?

A: The tightness of fit can easily be adjusted with a frame warmer, please contact your local optician.


How do I care for my SomNoir frames?

Being a natural material these frames may require care to stay in great shape. The grain of the horn may also show over time, this is a characteristic of Horn. Heat and moisture extremes are the enemy of Genuine Horn.  The care cream can be applied monthly and may be needed more in very dry climates.  When Storing your SomNoir frames keep them in the silk and case provided.

Why label them 1-02, 1-03 etc?

A: Its our way of showing that although the frame shapes are identical per style, the coloration varies.  This is the best way to make sure the customer gets the frame they are looking for. The first number designates the season it was made, and the second is of the series. We usually make 20 in a series.